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Our story

Our story started in Paris. After having studied French cuisine in La Chaise Dieu (Haute Loire), Patrick began working in prestigious restaurants in Paris such as Le Doyen, Bofinger, La Pérouse where he became head chef.

Then he was promoted chief executive and was responsible for several restaurants in Paris as well as in different towns in France. He even helped opening the Bofinger replica in Osaka Japan. That’s why 15 years later the Japanese television contacted us and shot a film in our first bed and breakfast.

While Patrick was working hard in Paris, Christine became an English teacher and started teaching in the Parisian suburb.

Patrick in the kitchen
the team of NHK, the Japanese TV during a report in Talvern

Our story in Talvern

It is in 2000 that we decided to leave Paris and start our new life in Brittany. We found Talvern which was nearly a ruin and renovated it for one whole year. In 2003 we opened our 5 chambres d’hôtes. Our 2 sons were brought there and Talvern will remain their childhood home.

Patrick organized cooking lesson in Talvern. We spent wonderful moments with our guests, some of them from nearby and others from far away such as Australia or New Zealand or Belgium, in fact all around the world. Some of them became friends.

Christine and Patrick are working in the vegetable garden
cooking classes led by Patrick

We worked in Talvern for 18 years, Christine teaching and gardening as much as possible. The French television came twice to make a programme on our vegetable garden. Patrick cooked with our vegetables and fruits and Christine made jam. Patrick even made his own cheese.

France 3 TV filmed a show around our vegetable garden
Patrick's Tartines are on France 3 TV

The book "Cuisine des tables d'hôtes de Bretagne"

We participated in a cooking book called cuisine des table d’hôtes de Bretagne.

~ Cuisine des tables d'hôtes de Bretagne, éditions Ouest-France, textes: Marie Le Goaziou, photographies: Bernard Galéron ~

Our story in Mane Braz

When we had arrived in Morbihan in 2001, we would have liked to be close to the sea.

Talvern was the opportunity and we really enjoyed restoring it and making such a beautiful and peaceful place for guests. Nevetheless we decided to look for a smaller house by the sea and after a few years we visited Mane Braz and that was it! The totally different house opened onto the garden has a beautiful view.

We refurbished it to make it comfortable to accommodate six guests .
You are welcome to stay at Mane Braz to enjoy a wonderful time with us.

private and enclosed car park
charging station
garden furniture
beach 3 minutes away
local and organic products
breakfast included